Timemachine sells new watches, straps, watch accessories and jewellery. Our product range consists of CT Scuderia watches, Neckmarine watches, Timetutelary watch winders, straps and tools. Product range is increasing rapidly.

We have dealership with italian CT Scuderia and spanish Neckmarine watch brands and british Wolf1834. CT Scuderia watch collection consist of Swiss made quartz and automatic watches. Neckmarine watch collection consists of wide range of men´s and women´s watches. Wolf product range consists of jewellery boxes, watch boxes and watch winders. We are also independent reseller of Energetix magnetic jewelleries.

Timemachine´s goal is customer satisfaction and flexible customer service.

You can buy products our webstore from all other countries. Shipping worldwidely. Products are paid by Paypal. 

Products are shipped by post of Finland (Posti Oy). Small packages are shipped using international letter and big packages using international postal parcel.

Minimum order 10 euros.